Errata for $L_p$-nested symmetric distributions

In Proposition 4 we state that

\[S_{f}(R)=R^{n-1} 2^{n} \prod_{I \in I}\left(\frac{1}{p_{I}^{\ell_{I}-1}} \prod_{k=1}^{\ell_{I}-1} B\left[\frac{\sum_{i=1}^{k} n_{I, k}}{p_{I}}, \frac{n_{I, k+1}}{p_{I}}\right]\right)\]

is an equation for the surface are of the $L_p$-nested sphere with radius $R$.

Unfortunately, this statement is incorrect except for very special cases (see comments on this post). The remainder of the results are unaffected by this mistake.

Thanks for Yining Wang from CMU for pointing out this mistake.