Challenges and Perspectives in Data Science

Current lecture plan

No. Lecturer Titel Date
1. Fabian Sinz Introduction - In silico avatars for visual cortex 28.10.2021
2. Alex Gail From structured to free behavior – challenges of system neuroscience in naturalistic settings 4.11.2021
3. Alex Ecker Algorithms of vision: from brains to machines and back 11.11.2021
4. Florentin Wörgötter Brain-Machine-Interfacing for closing the behavioral loop: Using neural signals to control robots and prostheses. 18.11.2021
5. Cornelia Schöne t.b.a. 25.11.2021
6. Fred Wolf Inferenz von circuit level optimierungsprinzipien aus multimodalen daten am beispiel cortical form vision 2.12.2021
7. Andreas Neef Statistical analysis of information encoding in neurons and networks 9.12.2021
8. Michael Wibral Neural information dynamics, concepts, estimation and statistical techniques 16.12.2021
9. Jan Clemens Supervised and unsupervised analyses of acoustic signals and of behavior 13.1.2022
10. Annekathrin Schacht Extra-retinal influences on visual perception 20.1.2022
11. Viola Priesemann t.b.a. 27.1.2021
12. Jorge Jaramillo t.b.a. 3.2.2021
13. Tim Gollisch Analyzing the Neural Code of the Retina 10.2.2021