Scientific data analysis pipelines are complex. We contribute to the open source tool DataJoint to make scientific analysis efficient and reproducible.


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Dimitri Yatsenko, Thinh Nguyen, Shan Shen, Kabilar Gunalan, Christopher A. Turner, Raphael Guzman, Maho Sasaki, Daniel Sitonic, Jacob Reimer, Edgar Y. Walker, Andreas Tolias DataJoint Elements: Data Workflows for Neurophysiology bioRxiv

Oct 2018 - Neuronal Intelligence Lab Start


D. Yatsenko, J. Reimer, A. S. Ecker, E. Y. Walker, F. Sinz, P. Berens, A. Hoenselaar, R. J. Cotton, A. S. Siapas, A. S. Tolias DataJoint: managing big scientific data using MATLAB or Python biorxiv