Term Title Organizers Event Type Link
WS 21/22 Introducing Artificial Intelligence to Vocational Schools in Europe Arne Nix and others course Link
WS 21/22 Challenges and Perspectives in Data Science Fabian Sinz, Alex Gail, Alex Ecker, Florentin Wörgötter, Cornelia Schöne, Fred Wolf, Andreas Neef, Michael Wibral, Jan Clemens, Annekathrin Schacht, Viola Priesemann, Jorge Jaramillo, Tim Gollisch lecture UniVZ
WS 21/22 Data Science I Fabian Sinz lecture UniVZ
WS 21/22 Probabilistic Machine Learning Fabian Sinz, Johannes Söding lecture UniVZ
SS 22 Girls' Day 2022 - KI und Mobility Arne Nix course Link
SS 22 Introduction to Machine Learning Mohammad Bashiri, Arne Nix course Link