Suhas Shrinivasan

Graduate Student

normative models
Suhas Shrinivasan

My primary interest lies in uncovering fundamental algorithms and principles of intelligence and intelligent behavior - be it biological or artificial. My current work revolves around theories of perception in the brain - specifically that the brain performs perception via probabilistic inference. I am interested in modeling and evaluating these theories on large scale neurophysiological recordings from the visual cortex using modern probabilistic machine learning methods.


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Santiago A. Cadena, Konstantin F. Willeke, Kelli Restivo, George Denfield, Fabian H. Sinz, Matthias Bethge, Andreas S. Tolias, Alexander S. Ecker Diverse task-driven modeling of macaque V4 reveals functional specialization towards semantic tasks bioRxiv
Arne Nix, Suhas Shrinivasan, Edgar Y. Walker, Fabian H. Sinz Can Functional Transfer Methods Capture Simple Inductive Biases? AISTATS 2022